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EPIC Hearing Healthcare Introduces Listen Hear! Live Well Hearing Health Wellness Program

BY IN Featured Story, ListenHear! On 20-01-2016

POMONA, Calif., Jan. 20, 2016 – With recent research showing that hearing health is almost completely absent from most wellness programs, EPIC Hearing Healthcare has introduced Listen Hear! Live Well, a turnkey hearing health wellness program that can stand alone or be integrated into an employer’s existing wellness efforts. The program, available through EPIC’s Listen Hear! public education initiative, is a value enhancement to the existing EPIC Hearing Service Plans.

By simply registering and completing four fun and educational activities, participating employees will earn an extra discount on hearing treatments above and beyond the 30-60 percent discount available through EPIC’s current hearing health plans already in the marketplace.

phoneThe program, accessible via desktop or mobile, prompts  employees to watch an educational video, test their knowledge through an online quiz, take an online hearing assessment and even have the opportunity to experience the different stages of hearing loss and hearing gain technology with virtual simulation. After completing all four activities, employees will be e-mailed their coupon code for an extra $50 off standard level hearing aids, $100 off advanced level hearing aids and $200 off premium level hearing aids.

Employers who offer the program will also have access to a variety of resources to promote hearing health:

  • Listen Hear! Live Well white paper
  • Enrollment slide to add to benefits presentation
  • Email to announce commitment to hearing health
  • Tip sheet for integrating hearing into wellness efforts
  • Request form for health fair hearing screenings
  • Articles and content for health education materials

“The research survey of more than 500 benefits professionals we conducted in May showed that hearing health is absent from 92 percent of employee wellness programs, yet poor hearing is one of the most common health issues among today’s workers, with staggering consequences to employee health and productivity,” said Brad Volkmer, president and CEO, EPIC Hearing Healthcare.

According to EPIC’s 2013 Listen Hear! survey of 1,500 full-time U.S. workers, 30 percent of employees say they suspect hearing loss, but have not sought treatment, and almost all of these employees admit it is impacting them on the job. Studies have also linked untreated hearing loss with higher rates of depression, diminished overall health, lower household income and increased risk to personal safety, according to the Better Hearing Institute.[i]

“The biggest barriers to more employees seeking the hearing health care they need are cost and lack of awareness about the importance,” said Volkmer. “By integrating hearing health into their wellness strategies, sending a signal that employees should prioritize their hearing, employers can make a real difference.”

To begin offering the Listen Hear! Live Well program, employers should contact EPIC Hearing Healthcare at listenhear@epichearing.com. More information is available on the employer resources section of ListenHearLiveWell.com.


Founded in 1997, EPIC Hearing Healthcare (EPIC) is the first in the country to provide access to hearing care as an ancillary or specialty benefit. With its extensive network of audiologists and hearing healthcare physicians, and distribution relationships with major hearing aid technology manufacturers, EPIC is now the national leader in hearing healthcare, and the only organization to offer hearing coverage as a fully insured benefit plan. More information is available at EPICHearing.com.


[i]Hearingpedia. (n.d.). Consequences of Hearing Loss. Retrieved from Better Hearing Institute website on January 23, 2014



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